Ningbo Aurich Electronics Co.,Ltd.

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About us

Ningbo Aurich Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of power cords and wire harness in Asia, specialized in international standard power cords, plugs, cables, wire harness, extension cords etc. Our products export to worldwide, We have obtained many international approvals like: VDE, UL, CSA, SAA, BS, ASTA, ISO, PSE, IMQ, IRAM, INMETRO, KC etc.
   Our company strictly conform ISO9001: 2008 certificated and RoHS compliance, we have won a good and steady worldwide market especially in Europe, North America and Asia due to our high quality, competitive price and best service. We have strong capability to produce big quantity and have a strong team of technical development, we can make  customer designed new products or make new moulds for new products according customers requirement.

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